Management     Employees
Glenn Selldin Owner/President   Total number of employees =  50
Chuck Sifferd Vice Pres./Prod.&Eng. Manager    3  - Cad Operators
Gary Selldin IT Manager/Estimating / Q.C.   15 - Welders
Glenn Selldin  Jr. Environmental/Mat'L. Control/Purchasing   12 - Fitters (3 Burner, 1 Roll Oper. Combo.)
Dennis Selldin Q .C.  Manager/Safety/Traffic   12 -Helpers
Mike Adams Shop Superintendant   1 - Shop Supervisors
Laury Henry Office Manager/Accounting   1 - Welding Foreman
Shannon Henry  Hall Vendor Data/Human Resources   1 - Detail Foreman
      1 - Grind/Hydro/Ship. Prep. Foreman
      2 - Maintenance
      1 - Truck Driver
      1 - Shipping & Receiving
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Jett Weld Inc. was founded in January, 1975 by Mr. Glenn R. Selldin. Mr. Selldin began working in the pressure vessel industry in 1966 at Thermal Engineering Corporation, a heat exchanger fabricator. In 1970, he joined Electro Welding Co., Inc. as vice president and general manager. After four and a half years at Electro Welding, Mr. Selldin started  Jett Weld in a shop of approximately 4,000 square feet. In the first month of operation Jett Weld received it’s first orders from engineering companies and chemical plants. Jett Weld  grew steadily as Mr. Selldin reinvested earnings in purchasing more equipment to expand capacity.


In 1976, Jett Weld received  an significant order for 9 large steam drums  that played a crucial role in validating Jett Weld, Inc. as a quality vessel supplier. In addition to several small accounts, Jett Weld established its first major account with Ortloff Corporation, a division of Elcor Chemical, an engineering and construction company which specialized in chemical plants and refineries. Ortloff Corporation quickly became the Company's largest customer placing orders for small vessels, drums, columns, and towers for the majority of their projects and their specialty sulphur design.
By 1982, Jett Weld, Inc. was producing pressure vessels for several large engineering companies in the Houston area. Mr. Selldin reinvested the newly generated capital in purchasing the Company’s current location. The new location provided 3 acres with an expanded shop floor of 10,000 square feet. Since 1986, Jett Weld has expanded its shop space to 50,000 square feet and added an additional 9 acres in property.
Despite the lack of growth in the industry from 1985 to 1987, Jett Weld was able to maintain its steady growth rate due to it’s solid customer base. During the "chemical plant boom" of 1987-1989, The Company continued its expansion. In the 1990’s,  Jett Weld, Inc. ventured into  Environmental Protection Agency ("EPA") work for most of the major oil companies.

The year 2000 started slow due to the y2k hysteria. Business coasted through 2004. Sales doubled in 2005 and remained steady through 2009.  Jett Weld  continued to increase production and equipment from  2010 to present day 2020. 

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