Jett Weld,Inc. is committed to supplying  our customers with quality  equipment  for the petrochemical industry.  Jett Weld as a team will strive to the best of our ability to manufacture and deliver a competitive priced  product  on time from a safe and honest  environment   that will meet our customer's standards and  specified requirements on a consistent basis .  Through partnerships with our customers and suppliers we will continuously pursue methods to improve the quality of our processes and products  to satisfy the industries changing needs.


We engineer, design, and manufacture pressure vessels, steam drums, columns, tanks, towers, separation equipment, piping, and other heavy equipment. The materials employed are carbon steel, stainless steel, clad,monel and nickel. All grades of carbon and stainless steel are used as fabricated materials for virtually any type of vessel. We specialize in the fabrication of trayed towers and columns,separators,demethanizers, strippers,fractionators,reactors,accumulators ,steam drums,flare knockout drums,scrubbers, absorbers,converters . We also fabricate cyclones, riser lines and large diameter piping that require refractory lining. The refractory lining can be sub-contracted by Jett Weld Inc. due to close working relationships with major refractory contractors in the Southwest.

Our large indoor facility can accommodate vessels up to 3.5 inches thick with a shipping weight of up to 500,000 lbs. Vessel specifications available range from pipe size to 17' in diameter. The facility can also accommodate vessels of up to 300 feet in length. All of our products can be sandblasted and painted from the prime coat to most multi-coat systems, as required by the customer.
Our products meet American Society of Mechanical Engineers ("ASME") code. Our clients are primarily in the engineering, construction, petroleum, and chemical processing industries.
Jett Weld Inc. has an engineering department consisting of 3 CAD operators. The department is currently using the latest version of "SolidWorks" for our cad solutions and have the capability to convert to Microstation or Autocad file format and distribute all required documentation electronically as specified by our customer. Jett Weld utilizes  "Codeware Compress" for design functions and are continuously upgrading these programs to the most current versions  to stay ahead of industry standards. 



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